gotta pinch pennies to RV Cheaper!

I collect smashed pennies, and I’m a penny pincher, wow that one fits and I found this one in Williams Arizona! After the trek across the hot California summer deserts, we finally made it to the cool air of Arizona, Williams that is… It was an awesome 68 degrees, something we had not seen since northern California. So it’s been several years since I’ve been to Williams and the Route 66 theme is thriving (as are the tourist traps). But this is going to be a short rest stop as we recover some time to get back home and not miss work the following Monday. There are lots of campgrounds, and I had hoped to spend the night near here before getting back to hot & sunny Phoenix. South of Williams is a boondockers paradise, lots of forest roads or a national forest campground at Whitehorse lake is one of my favorites. On a future post I’ll share some great places to camp around Williams when the temps are above 30 degrees.

Williams has lots of Route 66 themed restaurants, they had me at 68 degrees in northern Arizona in July!
Native American stores, this is what I remember from my last trip to Williams several years ago
I thought I was in the movie Cars, where’s Lightning McQueen?
hmmm, World Famous…
yes that’s my theme and I posing together


Home of the largest steel Route 66 sign, such a deal!
she’s going to either get cold or end up in the ER…
if you aren’t into crossing a canyon via zip line, maybe this will work for you?
great cross merchandising!


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