walking the beach at Battle Rock Park

On to the harder packed sand (and easier walking) at Battle Rock Park. We picked up a few more agates so the RV will be a little heavier on the way home. Not sure what it is about walking the beach, but it’s way more relaxing than any where else I’ve covered a few miles in one walk. There’s more about the park at http://www.enjoyportorford.com/battlerockpark.html

Two Starfish exposed during low tide
Alice & I in the tunnel of love under Battle Rock (yes I made that up…)
Mike, Michelle and Callle the mighty Seagull chaser…
even a normally ugly storm drain looks good when greenery takes over
Calle braving the cold Oregon surf to chase Seagulls and fetching some driftwood sticks
Yes it was cold and windy, but way nicer than 110 degrees back home in Arizona!
Michelle & Calle playing
we did a groupie, didn’t realize until later there was such a thing…
another couple weeks there will be lots more ripe berries to pick from!


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