roadrunner campground at Lake Pleasant, AZ

my brother Mike & his wife Michelle just started a hosting gig at Lake Pleasant in November. I finally got some time off just before Christmas to visit for a few days. It was mostly cold and rainy, but still a wonderful stay at the lake. I can’t believe how late they kept us up playing cards and dice games! I’ve never camped here, only drove along the lake during 4×4 trips to Crown King so Mike & Michelle being here allowed me to find out about this gem. It’s so close to town for supplies yet far enough out to feel very refreshed. Maricopa county manages the campgrounds and park and I sure wish they had this nice of facilities on the east side of Phoenix, this place is awesome! There are off road trails and fishing for Bass, Crappie, Catfish and even Trout in the winter! We managed to fit in a nice little hike along the shoreline at least once each day.

we spotted an owl atop a Saghauro cactus on a tour around the lake
she didn’t like it when I got closer with my little point & shot camera…
Dillon’s Restaurant at the Scorpion Bay Marina
don’t know the story about this pirate vessel
the New Waddell dam, just shy of a mile long!
view of our campsite as Alice is heading to the RV for something…
looking north across the lake to the snow/cloud covered Bradshaw Mountains.
(Crown King is up there, it’s a great 4×4 ride – )


sunset is on the way!
this became my Facebook cover photo…
Mike, Michelle & Calle
there’s the sunset I knew was coming!
Mike & Michelle kayak to their own private island on their days off.
a Birds of Prey presentation at the visitor center
perrigrine falcon
one of several hawk breeds in the area
sorry, I’ve forgotten the breed of this one
view of Roadrunner south campground on the walk back from the visitor center
looking southwest at AZ-74 from the campground
on duty hosts stopping by to chat with M&M on their day off (official conversation of course…)


  1. We love Lake Pleasant and it’s our usual go to place especially when we don’t make reservations at one of the other regional parks. We’ll probably spend most of March meandering around there….a little lake shore boondocking followed by a little campsite usage. In the past the pirate ship was moored at the Dillon restaurant. Not sure what they do with it.


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