too little time, so many things to see!

We only had a week for visiting friends and a handful of sites below while in NW Arkansas and SW Missouri. Since we parked at our friends house, we didn’t explore the many RV parks scattered every where. There are plenty to pick from, but I did see some a little too close to the highways.

This was one of the most relaxing and fun trips I can recall. We did not get to see Pea Ridge Civil War museum, didn’t get into Branson, didn’t explore Bentonville and the Walmart family art museum, nor Crystal Bridges, but we had a great time and places to come see on the next trip!

Views of Beaver Lake. Lake view properties, fishing, boating, relaxing!

This couple used a camera on a pool pole to preview where to place the house, what they didn’t expect was a full 270 degree view to the lake. Could not have happened to a nicer couple!
Neighborhood Fish Fry & BBQ. Note the redneck chandelier.
smoke on the water…
Beaver Lake Dam

Roaring River Fish Hatchery in Missouri.

for you anglers…
nice man made habitat
I spotted the big trout from way up high when I took the next photo
I saw the big one taking this shot, must be 28-32″ bad boy!
I love the Ozarks!
trail above the spring
trail above the spring
from below at the spring
from below at the spring
trees, water, friends 🙂
the rest of the story

Eureka Springs and lunch at Mud Street Cafe in the Eureka Spring Underground.

the bar at Mud Street Cafe
buildings set into the stone canyon, a more modern version of Jerome, AZ
buildings set into the stone canyon, a more modern version of Jerome, AZ

White River valley down stream from Beaver Lake.

White River Valley
White River Valley

Table Rock Dam & Lake, down stream from Beaver Lake.

Table Rock Dam, except for the sign this part looks just like Beaver Lake dam
down stream from Table Rock dam near Branson
amazes me when the water is that much warmer than the air

Branson Belle Showboat on Table Rock lake, awesome feat to get it built at the lake. Great show, great dinner.

Branson Belle, so big it was built on shore at the lake

5 thoughts on “too little time, so many things to see!

  1. Enjoyed your post. We stayed at Table Rock State Park in Missouri a few years ago and really enjoyed it. We stayed in site 127 which is one of the full hookup sites. There is a nice walking path around the lake. It was a great location to explore the Missouri side of the lake and we even took in a Branson show while we were there. I think there are also a couple of Corps of Engineers parks on the lake.


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