flights and first campsite booked!

FloridaI booked two seats on a Phoenix to Sarasota red-eye for the night after Thanksgiving dinner. A red-eye was the only way we could wrap up delivery on our RV before the dealer closed for the day. My theme is cheap, so I used points from airline trips to fund part one of the seats! Knowing we would be really tired, I made a $30 overnight reservation at the Blueberry RV resort about 90 minutes north of  Tampa. I made sure we are within walking distance of a Super Walmart, McDonalds, Subway and Taco Bell so we didn’t have to worry about what we do/don’t have with us. We needed time to get acquainted with the RV, gather a list of supplies needed to get home and catch some much needed sleep after a 16 hour travel day! The flight into Bradenton/Sarasota was great, the view of beach properties impressive!

The salesman that handles EBay sales picked us up at the airport and when we got to the dealership our RV was out front, detailed and ready to roll. They showed us how to work most of the features and I was on information overload! I couldn’t tell you how complete the tour was since I probably forgot more than half of what they showed us. The one thing I do remember is he siad if you have a problem, just call me, even if you’re 150 miles away, call me! Little did either of us know how fast I’d put him to the test!

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