the journey begins!

I’ve been bidding about 50% of NADA value on Class A RV auctions for about two years, and naturally I was getting outbid early on every auction. I I had bid on so many RV’s I got in the habit of telling Alice each time I lost an auction. So here I am travelling on business in Chihuahua Mexico, eating with coworkers in the hotel lounge, and my smartphone connected to WiFi (I did not have international service). All of the sudden my smart phone rings out with “DROID…” from my EBay app…

Catching my flight home, day of the dead in Mexico and look who’s greeting me… An omen of what’s waiting when I get home?


I look and it says 15 minutes left, and I’m still the high bidder! I should be thrilled, but I’m a 1000 miles from home, have not told my wife about this auction since I usually tell her each time I’ve been outbid!  As you might guess, I’m in a panic hoping to get outbid in the last few minutes! As the auction winds down, I win and guess who’s dead meat! After I got back to my room I called home like I always do on trips and Alice says she had an Oh Ship moment today and I snorted… She asks me what’s up and I say dear, I’d love to hear about your day first…. Big mistake since that was a big, fat red flag… Now I realized I was lucky I was 1000 miles beyond her reach…

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